Turtle Nesting Season is May through October in Volusia County.

What is turtle nesting season?

Female sea turtles will emerge from the water between May and October to lay their eggs on the beach. This year, there were already nest sightings in early April! Since sea turtles are a protected species in Volusia County, there are many resources and monitoring groups dedicated to conserving their habitat. Sea turtle rangers identify, protect, and monitor the nests that are found on the beach.

Tips for keeping nesting sea turtles and hatchlings safe

  • Ensure all lights from your rental are not visible from the beach. Lights confuse hatchlings who are trying to make their way to the ocean.
  • Remove tents, beach chairs, and other items when you leave the beach. Also make sure to fill any large holes in the sand.
  • Do not disturb turtles crawling to or from the ocean, any marked or unmarked nests, or markers in the sand protecting nests.
  • Do not litter (you should not be littering anyway!)

How can you help during Turtle Nesting Season?

Other than following the tips above, there are programs available for anyone to help during sea turtle nesting season. Volusia County has a “Washback Washers” program where volunteers are trained to find and rescue young sea turtles. For more information on the program you can contact the Environmental Management staff at (386) 238-4716.

If not trained and you see a sick or injured sea turtle, don’t attempt to put it in the water or capture it. Please contact the nearest Beach Safety officer, lifeguard, or call 1-888-404-FWCC.

Volusia County Turtle Resources

And, Volusia County has an abundance of additional information and resources on their website. Visit their nesting summary page for stats on which turtles nest in the area. Furthermore, Loggerhead turtles are the species with the most nests reported in the area!

Click here for a list sea turtle programs and alliances. Move over, Florida Vacay Rentals has the condo during this season.